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Diana Antonakos was born in Nauplion,, Greece ; she spent her formative years in Athens. When Diana was only three years old, her parents introduced her to the performing arts through Ancient Greek Theatre and film. When she was twelve years old, her father gave her a movie camera, which sparked a fascination with visual Media that continues today. While living in Greece, Diana studied folk dancing for six years finished high school with 24 subjects. She holds degrees in Civil Engineering /Architecture and Creative Arts. Combining her background in Architecture, Art , literature and Dance, Diana has taught Theatre Design at San Francisco State University and at various colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area.. She holds life long teaching credentials in Theatre Design, Interiors. Her Concept Production Design for the Greek Festival Theme Park, Oakland CA a life size Greek Village has been in use for the last 28 years yearly, has received a number of press articles. She served on the Board of Directors of the United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT) for 18 years. The design exhibit for USITT she chaired in the Bay Area USITT National Conference on Theatre, Film, and Television has received the Gold Medal in Prague (OISTAT) out of 24 countries.

As the owner of ANTONAKOS DESIGN, since 1991, Diana has worked in several areas of the design business, including the creation of gardens for the film “Basic Instict” and a dozen interiors designs. Combining her skills as a creative director, designer, organizer, photographer and speaker, Diana has experience in directing, designing and producing events, such as The Fifty-Year Commemorative, Bay Area D-Day Anniversary Event in the Presidio; because of the use of the Enigma Machine in the exhibit, documented in the Presideo newspaper article, she holds Colonels rank for the event. Her "ONE WOMAN SHOW paintings by Diana Antonakos" was on in the Bay Area for three years. Diana has directed high-profile, international, political events with personalities such as Ambassadors from Russia, France, Japan, Greece, Israel as well she created, directed events in music, theatre and acting with superstars including William Stewart, Rod McKuen, Photos Photiades; She created events, among others, about the SF Opera, the SF Symphony and the SF Ballet. Diana is an accomplished painter whose works have been on display in Athens, Stockholm, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York as well as in San Francisco and the Greater SF Bay Area.

In 2010-2011 Diana worked with OISTAT, USITT, Stanford University to create WORDS, International Theater Dictionary English-Greek, published in Europe and Asia. In 2012 her Theatre/ Art Works, 75 pieces have been featured on gobos (Apollo Design Technologies), sold internationally. In 2013 she completed 250 new drawings, imaginary travels in theatre, "U and I" exhibited at the Pacific Art League, Palo Alto CA, December 2013. She is the first to introduced projections on Stage in a full play, with her expressionist Concept Production Design, "The Ghost Sonata" by Strindberg, SFSU. Diana resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has two adult children, Helena a musician in New York and Pericles a businessman in San Francisco Bay Area and her grandson Leo.